Providing the Finest Custom CAD to CNC to Chemical Containment or Analyzer Systems

Providing the highest quality customized products tailored to your specifications and standards.  We use the latest innovations in technology to aid in our manufacturing process that stands out in the highest quality, precision and functionality of your new product(s)

CNC'ed Parts

From the reviewed design process, the CAD files are converted to CNC CAM files, and this creates high tolerance parts to build upon.

End Products

The end products are then reviewed & tested to ensure all required specifications are achieved. Chemical Pump Skid may include: Calibration Columns, Pressure Relief Valves, Pulsation Dampeners, Pressure Gauge w/Gauge Guards, and Back Pressure Valves or other needed water treatment equipment of your choice.  This ensures all of the customer's Chemical Feed Skid needs are met.

Extrusion Welds

Typical Stick Weld Process

Rod Welds May Not Provide Leak Free Joints as the Corner May Not Bond Completely!

Extrusion Weld

The Extrusion Process Provides a Cohesive Bond Among ALL Materials!


As You can See From this Crosscut Section, the Three Surfaces are NOW as ONE!

Skid, Panel & Pipe work


Fusion Weld on Flat Stock;

Fusion or Solvent Weld Pipe Stock


Fusion Weld on Flat Stock; 

Socket or Butt Fusion Weld Pipe Stock

Stainless Steel

Tig Welding Strut Frame Skid

Threaded and/or Compression Pipe Stock

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